HSBC Personal Assistance Loan

Supporting you to realise your plans quick and hassle free.


With the HSBC Personal Assistance Loan, you will get:

  • No pledge requirement
    Receive a personal loan hassle free and with no pledge requirement.
  • Affordable
    No annual service fee applies. You only pay once when receiving the loan.
  • Flexible
    Choose the payment date and repayment options to best suit your needs.

Product overview

Loan amount

Salaried account holders
  • For Bank customers and other banks account holders - up to 4 times1 of net monthly salary 
  • For the bank's pay roll customers only-  In case if minimum monthly net income comprises AMD 400,000 and above, and customer Debt-to-Income ratio is below 50%, then up to 6 times of net monthly salary is applicable. If Personal assistance loan maximum amount exceeds 4 times net monthly salary, then customer cannot hold a credit card or Overdraft with HSBC Bank Armenia.
Non-salaried account holders
  • Bank account holders - up to 4 times of the lower of last 6 months average monthly balance and average monthly balance of the last month
  • Other banks' account holders - up to 2 times of the lower of last 6 months average monthly balance and average monthly balance of the last month


  • Loan amount may vary from AMD 150,000 up to AMD 2,000,000 (loan maximum amount for HSBC Plus and HSBC Status customers is AMD 3,000,000)
  • The loan amount will be decreased by the existing unsecured credit facility outstanding amount
  • The ratio of overall monthly loan payments to net monthly income cannot exceed 60% if net monthly income is less than AMD 700,000 and 70%, if net monthly income is greater than or equal to AMD 700,000

Loan term2

From 12 up to 24/363 months.

Loan currency

Loan is provided in AMD.

Loan interest rate (fixed)

  • Nominal interest rate 16% (15% for HSBC Plus and HSBC Status customers)
  • Annual percentage rate starting from 18.03% (starting from 16.07% for HSBC Plus and HSBC Status customers)

Loan interest is calculated on a daily basis for 365 days and for 366 days in case of leap year on the loan outstanding balance.

Loan interest amount is being calculated based on the annual nominal interest rate, whereas the annual percentage rate or APR indicates how much would loan cost to borrower in case of repayment of interest amount and other payments under the defined timeline and terms.

Loan account service fee

The following one-off account service fee will be charged to the customer's account:

  • 2% of loan amount, maximum AMD 20,000 (not applicable for HSBC Plus and HSBC Status customers when loan amount exceeds AMD 1,000,000). Loan account fee is charged on loan provision day


Before signing the loan agreement, Individual bulletin to be provided as per Central Bank of Armenia Regulation 8/05  "On Business Conduct Rules of Financial Organizations".

Loan amount will be approved based on HSBC Bank Armenia credit risk assessment criteria. 
Customers minimum age is 18. Customer's age plus the loan term should not exceed 65 years. 
Loans with tenor of 25-36 months are applicable to HSBC Bank Armenia salaried customers only. 


You're eligible to apply for a personal assistance loan if you're an Armenian National or RA Resident1 and meet the minimum criteria for salaried and non-salaried account holders.

Salaried account holders criteria

You must have:

  • an account with us
  • at least 3 months employment with a current employer
  • a net monthly salary of at least AMD 50,0002.

Your salary should be transferred to your account after loan drawdown (in case if prior salary transfer is not required by us)3.

If you don't have account with us, you must:

  • have an account with any other bank
  • at least 6 months employment history
  • a salary transferred to your account for 6 months
  • a net monthly salary of at least AMD 150,000

Non- salaried account holders criteria

You must have a satisfactory banking relationship with us or other local banks for a period of 6 months and more, and the last 6 months average monthly balance and average balance of the last month have been at least: 

  • AMD 100,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency) if your account is with us
  • AMD 250,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency) if your account is with another bank

1Persons with minimum 1 year of residence in Armenia proven by respective documents are considered as Armenian residents.
2Customer's overall monthly income should not be less than AMD 100,000.
3The requirements on salary transfer to your account with the bank will be communicated to you during the loan approving process.

Apply online

Complete the online application form and our customer service representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Apply by phone

Call our Contact Centre at +374 60 655 000.

Apply in branch

Alternatively, you can visit one of our branches, where our staff will be glad to give you further information and process your application.

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