HSBC International Visa Plus ATM Card

If you want peace of mind that you won't be left stranded without money abroad then the international debit card is for you. Offering access to your money on ATMs worldwide and online telephone and phone banking services.


With an HSBC Debit Card you will get:

  • Easy access to your funds
    Get access to your cash with your ATM card both in Armenia and abroad in over 162 countries in the world.
  • Easy control of your funds
    Manage your accounts with your ATM card, make transfers between your accounts, print statement containing 8 recent transactions and more.
  • Free of charge encashment
    Enjoy free of charge encashment from HSBC Bank Armenia at over 50 ATMs.
  • Convenience and flexibility
    Have up to 3 accounts linked to your ATM card and choose the account your funds will be debited from.
  • Free of charge ATM card
    Get your ATM card free of charge and for an unlimited period.
  • Free of charge transactions
    Effect free of charge transactions at HSBC Bank Armenia ATMs, such as cash withdrawals, cash deposits, transfers between accounts and balance enquiries 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week.
  • No interest
    No interest is paid on credit balance of accounts (savings, current) attached to the card.
  • Card currency
    Your ATM  card currency is the same as the account currency to which the card is linked

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