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Social Media Disclaimers

Below are presented  social media community guidelines and privacy notices of HSBC Bank Armenia. 

Table of contents

Community Guidelines

General information (in addition to Meta’s terms of use)

"HSBC Bank Armenia" CJSC (hereinafter “HSBC Armenia”) operates profile and account on social media sites to inform, assist and engage with social media community (e.g. existing and prospect customers). Any HSBC Armenia presence on social media sites, such as Facebook, is provided by HSBC Armenia and shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Interactive Space".

Social media account is designed for use in the Republic of Armenia. The products and services presented within social media site are intended for Armenian customers. If you are outside of Armenia, we may not be authorised to offer or provide you with the products and services presented through social media sites in the country you are located or resident in. Social media sites are not intended for distribution or use by any person in any jurisdiction or country where the distribution or use of this material is restricted and would not be permitted by law or regulation.

HSBC Armenia Social Media Community Rules will regulate the use of the Interactive Space. When using this Interactive Space, you are agreeing that you will not engage in any activities that are contrary to the terms stipulated in community rules, applicable law, regulation and the terms of any agreements you may have with HSBC Armenia.

You also agree not to:

  • copy, download or otherwise use any content contained in social media account without our permission; or
  • access any administrator areas or other features of this site without authorisation

Individuals breaking any of the above mentioned rules, including posting inappropriate posts, comments or messages may have their access to the Interactive Space suspended or terminated.

Working hours

We update and monitor the Interactive Space as follows:

Facebook Page:

  • from Monday till Friday from 9:30 AM till 17:30 PM; excluding weekends, holidays and memorial days
  • all enquiries (including, posts, comments or direct messages) received out of operating hours, will be responded during the next working day
  • the enquiries (including, posts, comments or direct messages) received no later than 17:00 will be treated as the last one, the one received at 17:01 will be handled during the next working day

Restricted information request

HSBC Armenia is not responsible for any information posted on the Interactive Space other than information we have posted ourselves and cannot guarantee the accuracy of that kind of information.

HSBC Armenia strongly recommends you not to share any confidential information like personal information about your Banking relationship with HSBC Armenia (including, account information, bank account number, credit card number etc.) on our Facebook page or other social media sites.

HSBC Armenia’s social media presence cannot discuss personal account details or other restricted information related to your relationship with the Bank via direct messages or in a post or comments made on Facebook page or other social media channels. Sharing such information will be at your own risk.

HSBC Armenia will never request restricted information be provided using social media sites and in case of confidential information request will direct you to get in touch with us through our regular banking channels:

In case of complaints received through social media sites HSBC Armenia will ask you to provide identifiable data (e.g. Name/Surname, e-mail and phone number) for further complaint investigation. Complaint investigation will not be progressed if the identifiable data is not provided by you.

Information on posting and deleting content

HSBC Armenia regularly updates and monitors its Interactive Space and welcomes feedback and ideas submitted via the Interactive Space so that we can improve our products and services. Please, send us a direct message or post a comment on our Facebook page or other social media sites.

The content of privately received information via direct messages is accessible to HSBC Armenia, HSBC Group member companies and companies cooperating with the latter.

Any emerging themes or helpful suggestions are passed on to the relevant people at HSBC Armenia.

You are permitted to share and comment on content that we post to the Interactive Space, provided that you do not alter it and that you cite us as the source of that content. All content that we post on our social media site is the copyright of HSBC Armenia and any HSBC trademarks, logos or designs are intellectual property of HSBC.

HSBC Armenia welcomes any feedback and suggestion received through its social media channels and endeavours to join the conversation whenever possible, however we cannot guarantee that we will be in a position to read or reply to all messages and comments posted to the Interactive Space. In the event that your post, comments or messages are not responded to, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our regular banking channels listed above.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to edit, remove or modify any content that does not adhere to the respective terms and policies stipulated in community rules.

We request that you treat other users respectfully. Comments or other material that you submit must not be:

  • inaccurate / misleading statements presented as fact
  • advertising / spam / junk mail content, including any references to other websites
  • profanity/offensive language
  • personal information
  • restricted information related to your relationship with the Bank
  • violence and discrimination
  • contravening copyright
  • defamation
  • data leakage
  • threatening phrases
  • non-disclosure information about partnership with the Bank
  • content that endorses or condones any illegal, criminal, inappropriate or risky activity or behaviour like Promotion of alcohol, smoking and illegal drugs
  • and/or any other content that is or could be considered inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive

Privacy notice

When you engage with HSBC Armenia via the Interactive Space your personal data may be stored on that social media site's servers, which are outside the control of HSBC Armenia and may be in the US or elsewhere outside Armenia. For further information about how we use your personal data, please see our Privacy Notice.

HSBC Armenia is regulated by the Central Bank of Armenia.

Privacy notice

Social Media

“HSBC Bank Armenia” CJSC /hereinafter HSBC Armenia/ uses social media to:

  • help connect with you
  • share information about our products and services

Sometimes these involve using your data.

Social media platforms may let you choose what advertising you receive. You should contact them for more information.


Recently Facebook Ireland Limited has changed its name to Meta Platforms Ireland Limited.

When you use an HSBC Armenia page on Facebook, Facebook Ireland and HSBC collect information about you. This includes:

  • what you click on: if you start a messenger conversation
  • what you view: when you hover over a link or have an event page on screen
  • what you say: like comments or reactions
  • your actions: like sharing or recommending
  • your activity: how long you spend on pages, date and time of actions or websites you visited before you took the action
  • your location: country or region. This is not your precise location unless you have provided this in your user profile and you are logged-in
  • your device and internet connection
  • your Facebook profile details and user ID

HSBC has access to this information to use for reporting, insights and marketing purposes and so does Facebook.

This helps HSBC improve our offering on Facebook and create better marketing. HSBC may also see this information if HSBC has communicated with you on Facebook. HSBC does this because it helps us know who we’re speaking to.     

If you’ve allowed us to use cookies that support our marketing, HSBC and Facebook can collect this information when you use HSBC’s site too. To learn more, or to switch this off, please visit our Cookies Notice at Legal - HSBC AM. You can control which cookies you allow by selecting “Manage Cookies”.

Facebook Ireland is a ‘joint controller’ with us in law for processing where we collect information about you:

  • from your actions on our Facebook page
  • through the Facebook pixel on our website

We and Facebook have agreed to share some responsibilities to protect your personal data, by:

  • making sure we each have a legal basis for joint processing
  • honoring your legal rights in respect of your data
  • ensuring security of joint processing

You can contact HSBC about how we do this. You can also contact Facebook about what they do. This includes exercising your legal rights in respect of the data Facebook collects and retains itself.

Further details of how Facebook processes your personal information, the legal basis it relies on, your rights and Facebook’s contact details can be found at:

Last updated on: 08.09.22, 06:09

Please, familiarize yourself with the special guidelines of user behavior on our Social Media accounts.