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Enjoy the world of exclusive banking services


As an HSBC STATUS customer, you'll get access to a dedicated relationship manager and will be served in designated modern service halls of our Main Office.


  • Exclusive service and special treatment
    Experience high-quality personalized service in our spacious and modern service halls of our Main Office.
  • Your premium level credit card for free
    Get your complimentary Mastercard World Black Edition card, including international concierge, travel insurance, Priority Pass card, and more.
  • Benefits for you and your family
    Your immediate family members will benefit from the services offered in your STATUS package too.
  • Benefit from the preferential tariffs
    Receive our best interest rates in your everyday banking, and more.


The STATUS is free of charge if you are HSBC Bank Armenia (hereafter Bank) customer and your account data meets any of the following criteria

  • the current average aggregate credit balance of your accounts at the Bank for the last three months is at least AMD 20 million or equivalent foreign currency
  • you are an immediate family member of a STATUS customer (spouse, father, mother, son, daughter)1
  • your net monthly salary and alike payments are minimum AMD 2.5 million or equivalent foreign currency and are being transferred to your Bank account2
  • your current personal loan portfolio3 at the Bank is minimum AMD 100 million
  • you meet HSBC Group Premier or Private Banking customer criteria
  • the Bank may offer you to be STATUS customer, if you are a shareholder or director of corporate customer of the Bank.

If you do not meet the above set criteria in the future, you may still temporarily enjoy STATUS service for AMD 20,000 per month4 on Bank’s discretion.

1Family members can use STATUS service if the average credit balance of STATUS customer accounts at the Bank for the last three months was not less than AMD 20 million or equivalent foreign currency.

2You will be given grace period to replenish your accounts within the next 24 months after becoming a Bank STATUS customer, so that the average credit balance of your accounts for last three months of the above period should be not less than AMD 20 million or equivalent in foreign currency. 

3STATUS service will apply until the full repayment of the loan

4It is not applicable during 6 months after becoming STATUS customer


General terms

  • All tariffs and charges related to STATUS products and services offered by “HSBC Bank Armenia” CJSC may be changed with reasonable notice.
  • Special tariffs and offers may not apply for products and services provided within special offer.
  • All defined charges are paid in AMD. Generally, those are debited from the account from which the respective transaction was performed. If the account is in foreign currency, the Bank reserves the right to conduct a foreign exchange transaction for the amount to be charged in AMD at the set foreign currency buy rate.
    Service fees charged by the Bank automatically and at specified intervals are an exception, as the average exchange rate published by the Central Bank of the RA for that currency is applied in those cases.
    To express interest commissions applied to foreign currency transactions in AMD, the average exchange rate published by the Central Bank of Armenia for that currency on a given day is used.
  • Services included in HSBC STATUS package are provided in basis of the service.
  • All services not included in HSBC STATUS services are provided with standard terms and conditions. 

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