Personal Assistance Loan - Check your eligibility criteria

Check your eligibility criteria

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Last updated on: 22/09/2015 15:00


Required documents

  • Valid passport
  • For the Bank payroll customers: a letter from the employer undertaking to process the applicant's remuneration through HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc (in the form acceptable by the Bank).
  • For the Bank non-payroll customers: any official evidence and/or documentation on source/size of income, e.g. profit/income tax return, dividend certificate, lease agreement, banks statements, etc.
  • If the applicant is other bank customer: the applicant's bank statements proving salary transfers for the last 12 months, an official advice on source / size of income, advice on account average balance for the last 12 months (for non-payroll customers).
  • Other documents that may be required during loan application process.