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Property Secured Personal Instalment Loan

Required documents

Required documents for loan application approval

  • loan application
  • originals of Identification documents and documents relating to Public Services Number1 *
  • letter from the employer with salary details2, 3 *
  • bank account(s) statement(s) for last 3 months3 *

Required documents after loan initial approval

  • certificate(s) of ownership for the real estate(s) that to be pledged
  • evaluation act for the real estate that to be pledged4
  • estimate (in case of renovation loans)
  • consecutive pledge letter permission (if needed)
  • copy of the real estate owner’s/co-owner’s Identification documents


Required documents at the stage of loan notarization and issuance

  • copy of Identification document and SSC1 of the borrower*
  • original of the marriage certificate of the borrower (divorce, wife/husband death certificate)*
  • a reference to the registered rights and restrictions on the property provided by from the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre
  • valid Identification document(original), SSC1 (copy) of the pledger
  • valid Identification document of the seller
  • communication order from non-customer parties (applicable for co-borrowers and pledgers if any)*
  • property pledge registration certificate
  • property insurance document5


All documents are submitted in person at our branches or electronically within the terms agreed with the Bank.

In case of necessity, additional documents and information may be requested by the Bank.

* The above mentioned documents must be submitted for co-borrowers and guarantors also (if any).

1 One of the following documents relating to Public Services Number: Identification Card, Social Security Card, advice from the authorized body of RA about not having Public Services Number, advice from the authorized body of RA about receiving Public Services Number.

2 For the Bank payroll customers: a letter from the employer undertaking to process the applicant's remuneration through HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC (in the form acceptable by the Bank).

For the Bank non-payroll customers: any official evidence and/or documentation on source/size of income, e.g. profit/income tax return, dividend certificate, lease agreement, banks statements, etc.

3 If the applicant is not a Client of the Bank, his bank account statements for the last 3 months with salary transfers (salaried clients), statements confirming the average balance of the accounts for the last 3 months (non-salaried clients), official documents certifying income.

4 The valuation shall be carried out by an independent valuation organization acceptable to the Bank.

5 The insurance shall be carried out by insurance companies acceptable to the Bank.

In case of discrepancies between Armenian and English versions, the Armenian version shall prevail.

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