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Terms and tariffs

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Account opening and maintenance

Enjoy free account opening and servicing.


  • Current account opening and servicing: free
  • Savings account opening and servicing: free
  • Term deposit1 (including cumulative) account opening and servicing: free
  • Escrow account2: 0.5% of escrow amount (minimum AMD 100,000 maximum AMD 500,000)

1Term deposit account can be opened only having an account in AMD or in the currency of the deposit.

2Escrow account is a one-time account service provided by the Bank for ensuring secure settlements between the parties to real estate property sale and purchase transactions.

International Visa PLUS ATM card

International Visa PLUS ATM card is issued with your current account. You can choose to have two accounts attached to one ATM card and manage your accounts from ATMs. Moreover you can withdraw cash free of charge from HSBC Group ATMs worldwide.


  • Card issuance and service: free
  • Additional card issuance and service: free
  • Card replacement: free
  • Cash withdrawal at HSBC Group ATMs worldwide: free
  • Cash withdrawal at non-HSBC Group ATMs: AMD 2,000 per transaction
  • Transfer of funds between accounts held at the Bank: free


  • Cash withdrawal daily limit: AMD 1,000,000
  • Daily transfer limit: AMD 3,000,000

Mastercard World Black Edition card

As a STATUS customer get a free Mastercard World Black Edition card, the best-in-class card product within Mastercard family premium-level cards introduced in Armenia.

Free travel insurance1

Get free Travel Insurance with up to EUR 30,000 coverage worldwide yearly. Enjoy your trip while Mastercard World Black Edition card takes care of the rest.

Free Priority Pass card

Receive free Priority Pass card giving access to airport VIP lounges in over 600 airports around the world. As a cardholder you receive one free access to VIP lounges on an annual basis.

Free International Concierge service

Get free International Concierge and order different services, make enquiries, order air-tickets, make bookings both in Armenia and abroad, all this only with a phone call.

Emergency services abroad

Be more confident with your Mastercard World Black Edition card when travelling, even if you have lost your cash or card. Your card will be re-issued within 48 hours, and you will be provided with emergency cash of up to USD 1,000 within 24 hours.

Special offers and discounts

Enjoy special discounts and offers in more than 100 sales and service centers in Armenia and in various hotels, restaurants, SPA and shopping centers abroad.

Fees and charges

  • Card issuance: free
  • Card account monthly service fee: free
  • Additional card issuance and service: free
  • Annual nominal interest rate2: 18%
  • Annual Percentage Rate: 19.56%
  • Encashment fee when using HSBC Bank Armenia ATMs and POS terminals: free
  • Encashment fee when using other ATMs and POS terminals within ArCa system: 1.5% (minimum AMD 500)
  • Encashment fee when using other ATMs and POS terminals outside ArCa systemEncashment: 2.5% (minimum AMD 1 000 from ATMs, minimum AMD 3,000 from POS terminals)
  • Emergency cash advance fee (up to USD 1,000)3: AMD 50,000
  • Card to card money transfer (via ArCa website 0.75% of transfer amount will apply to transfers between "HSBC Bank Armenia" credit cards; 1.5% of transfer amount will apply to transfers from "HSBC Bank Armenia" credit cards to other payment cards within ArCa system
  • Card reissuance fee: free
  • Emergency card replacement3: AMD 75,000
  • Card account unblock fee: free
  • Charge slip retrieval: AMD 8,0004
  • Dispute of genuine transaction: AMD 15,000
  • Card limit permanent and temporary review: free
  • SMS service: free
  • Monthly statement delivery (within Armenia): free
  • Fee for each copy of card account statement (if earlier than 6 months): AMD 3,0004
  • Late payment fee: 10% of overdue amount, maximum AMD 20,000
  • Overlimit fee: 10% of overlimit balance, maximum AMD 20,000
  • Priority Pass card issuance: free
  • Fee for usage of Priority Pass card in airport lounges5: AMD 20,000 per visit
  • Travel insurance, with up to EUR 30,000 coverage worldwide yearly: free
  • International Concierge service: free

Other conditions

  • Credit limit and currency: minimum AMD 1,000,000; maximum AMD 5,000,000
  • Grace (interest free) period6: Up to maximum 45 days (Maximum 15 days from the statement generation date)
  • Cash withdrawal daily limit: 40% of credit limit or AMD 500,000, whichever is higher
  • Number of cash withdrawals per day: maximum 3
  • Maximum limit for each non-cash transaction: AMD 10,000,000
  • Lost card liability, after the customer has informed the Bank7: up to AMD 25,000
  • Minimum payment due: 10% of closing debit balance (minimum AMD 10,000)
  • Declined authorization fee (applied by MasterCard): AMD equivalent of USD 0.25 (for each case)

Important notes and general terms

  • No interest is calculated against the credit balance of card account
  • Chip and PIN cards are valid for three years period. Cards are subject to renewal upon bank's discretion
  • Credit card limit is provided with indefinite term. The limit, however, may be reviewed upon Bank's discretion
  • From time to time the Bank may review the Card nominal rates in order to reflect market trends
  • The decision to issue a credit card is made and the card is delivered to the address specified by the customer, during 10 working days after the presentation of all necessary documents
  • All tariffs and charges related to STATUS products and services offered by HSBC Bank Armenia are subject to amendments and modifications with reasonable notice

1Travel Insurance is provided by "INGO Armenia" ICJSC, so the terms and conditions of "INGO Armenia" ICJSC apply. Package of insured risks include: medical expenses (including dental) in case of accident or sudden illness abroad; transportation to a medical institution; repatriation (including post mortem) of the insured person.

Insurance claims have to be submitted to "INGO Armenia" ICJSC.

2Information regarding Annual Percentage Rate can be found here. 

3For emergency cash advance within 2-24 hours and emergency card replacement within 48 hours outside of Armenia, please call +1 (636) 722 711 1 MasterCard support.

4Inclusive of VAT.

5Priority pass service considers 1 free entrance for main or additional (if applicable) cardholders to airport Priority Pass VIP lounges worldwide during calendar year from 01 January till 31 December inclusive. Unutilized free of charge access during the calendar year not transferred to next year. If main or additional cardholder utilizes 1 free access, then all consecutive entrances are chargeable. Before visiting airport lounges, please familiarise with applicable terms and conditions, as well as other details, by referring to Priority Pass Airport Lounges Directory available in our branches or by visiting

6Grace period is applicable in case of non-cash transactions and if the payment of the whole statement Closing Balance is received by the bank on or before the Payment Due Date. Depending on the day of month when the transaction has been posted to card account, duration of the grace period may vary.

7Refer to Section 7 of Card products terms and conditions.

Cash operations

  • Cash deposit in branches: free
  • Cash deposit through ATM1: free
  • Cash withdrawal of funds deposited in cash in AMD, USD, EUR: free
  • Cash withdrawal of funds deposited in cash in other foreign currencies: 0.4%
  • Cash withdrawal of non-cash funds in AMD: free
  • Cash withdrawal of non-cash funds in foreign currencies: 0.4%2

1Service available at Main Office Branch ATM. Maximum daily limit – AMD 1,000,000 to each of the accounts linked to ATM card.

2Not applicable in case of exchange and/or transfers from customer's other accounts (provided funds were deposited in cash) and in case of cash withdrawals under credit facilities (excluding credit cards) provided by the Bank.

Express banking

Phone banking

  • Sign up fee: free
  • Maintenance: free
  • Banking services: as per Tariff of charges

Important note: The Bank may terminate the agreement on processing of instructions submitted via Telephone banking (Phone Banking) signed between the Bank and the customer in case if no transaction is done via Phone Banking during the last 12 months.

Internet and mobile banking1

  • Sign up fee: free
  • Mobile banking one-off service charge: free
  • Maintenance: free
  • Online security device replacement: 5,0002
  • Banking services: as per Tariff of Charges

Important note: The Bank may terminate the agreement on processing of instructions submitted via online/mobile banking service, in case customer’s profile is not active (no logons) during the last 12 months.

1Mobile Banking service is available only to HSBC online banking users. 

2Inclusive of VAT. Charge is applied in case of security device is not returned to the Bank.

Money transfers

Being a member of SWIFT global electronic payments network, we offer transfers in Armenian drams and all major currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CHF, AUD, AED, HKD, JPY and CAD.

Transfers in Armenian drams (within Armenia)1

  • Transfer from account2: free
  • Credit of received funds to account: free

Transfers / Demand drafts in foreign currencies

  • Outward remittance (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CHF, AUD, AED, HKD, JPY, CAD): 0.1%
  • Issuance of demand draft: 0.1%
  • Credit of inward remittance amounts: free

Other conditions

  • Transfers between accounts held at the Bank: free
  • Amendment/cancellation to payment instruction: free
  • Payment investigation (can be charged irrespective of the outcome of the conducted investigation): AMD 20,000

Important notes:

Minimum commission for any foreign currency outward remittance or Demand Draft issuance: AMD 6,000.

The bank is not liable for any refund if payment has already been effected to the beneficiary.

Intermediary/beneficiary bank charges may be paid either at the expense of beneficiary or remitter, at customers’ decision and with the prior consent of the bank.

Commissions if intermediary/beneficiary bank charges are paid by the remitter, for the beneficiary to receive the amount without any additional charges.

Outward remittances in USD to any bank located in the United States: AMD 5,000.

Outward remittances in USD to any bank located outside the United States: AMD 10,000.

Outward payments in other foreign currencies: AMD 5,0003.

Commission for outward payments in USD to any bank located outside the United States, where the remitter pays only the first intermediary bank charges and the beneficiary receives the amount after charges applied by other intermediary/beneficiary banks: AMD 5,000.

1In case of AMD transfers within Armenia, if the transferred amount contains luma, the amount will be rounded up to the decimal point according to standard rounding rule.

2If the payment instruction (for amounts of up to AMD 25 million) is submitted to the Bank after 14:00, but not later than 15:00 and requested to be processed on the same day, a charge of AMD 5,000 will be applied by the Bank. Payment instructions submitted to the Bank via Internet/Mobile and Phone Banking before 15:00 will be processed same day free of charge.

3If the actual charge amount is above equivalent of AMD 20,000 the difference between already paid commission and actual charge is subject to further debiting from remitter's account.


If you have AMD or USD current account you can order a free chequebook1 linked to one of your accounts.

  • Issuing chequebook: free
  • Placement/removal of 'Stop Payment' instruction: free
  • Return of HSBC Bank Armenia cheque due to insufficient funds: free
  • Deposit of each cheque and demand draft into the account: free2
  • Return of other bank’s cheque due to insufficient funds: AMD 10,000 (plus intermediary/returning bank charges)

1Chequebooks are provided to current account holders only in AMD and USD.

2Cash withdrawal of cheque amount in foreign currency is subject to a charge of 0.4%.

Safe deposit lockers

Safe Deposit Lockers1 are offered for rental on either a monthly or an annual basis for HSBC STATUS customers only in three of our branches: Main Office at 66 Teryan, Komitas branch at 3 Komitas and STATUS branch at 4/1 Baghramyan.

Safe deposit locker fees
Locker size For term of up to one year2 For term of up to one month2
Extra large AMD 200,000 AMD 50,000
Large AMD 120,000
AMD 30,000
Medium AMD 90,000
AMD 30,000
Small AMD 36,000
AMD 15,000
Safe deposit locker fees
Locker size Extra large
For term of up to one year2 AMD 200,000
For term of up to one month2 AMD 50,000
Locker size Large
For term of up to one year2 AMD 120,000
For term of up to one month2 AMD 30,000
Locker size Medium
For term of up to one year2 AMD 90,000
For term of up to one month2 AMD 30,000
Locker size Small
For term of up to one year2 AMD 36,000
For term of up to one month2 AMD 15,000

1Customer can have only one of the following sized lockers simultaneously: 1 extra large or 1 large or 2 medium or 2 small or 1 medium and 1 small size locker.

2Inclusive of VAT.

Issuance of bank account statements / other documentation

Bank account statements/other documentation delivery

  • By courier within Armenia (monthly via standard mail only): free
  • By courier outside Armenia (monthly): AMD 25,0001, 5
  • By e-mail (monthly, weekly, daily): free
  • By internet (monthly, weekly, daily): free2
  • Collection from branches (monthly, weekly, daily): free

Other services

  • Power of attorney issuance and appropriate update of account information: free
  • Advices confirming bank account / loan information / balance3: free
  • For each copy of bank account statement, transaction history or transaction confirmation (if earlier than 6 months): AMD 3,00045

1Any foreign exchange transactions will be conducted at the Bank's exchange rate.

2For customers using Internet/Mobile Banking services.

3Balance confirmations will be presented as of the date and time of confirmation request.

4If requested via Internet/Mobile or Phone Banking services, reduced charge of AMD 1,000 will be applied for each copy. Documents will be sent to the branch of your choice within 3-5 working days after receipt of the request.

5VAT included.

Preferential terms for other services

As a STATUS customer enjoy preferential terms for number of other products and services.

Term deposits

  • + 0.5% for term deposits in AMD
  • + 0.25% for term deposits in USD

Mortgage Loans (purchase and renovation)

Waived arrangement fee

Loan arrangement fee (AMD 50,000 – AMD 200,000 depending on loan type and amount) is waived.

-1% for loans in AMD

Loans in AMD are provided with 1% lower than standard annual nominal interest rate. Rate is variable and is currently equal to:

9.5% + 1.5% = 11%


9.5%: Bank's AMD Base Rate

1.5%: Fixed interest rate margin (applied instead of 2.5% standard rate)

Annual Percentage Rate - starting from 11,83%. 

-1% for loans in USD

Loans in USD are provided with 1% lower than standard annual nominal interest rate. Rate is variable and is currently equal to:

9.25% - 1.25% = 8%


9.25%: Bank's AMD Base Rate

1.25%: Fixed interest rate margin (applied instead of 0.25% standard rate)

Annual Percentage Rate - starting from 8,56%.

Car loan


Loan is provided in AMD with 1% lower than standard annual nominal interest rate. Rate is variable and is currently equal to:

9.5% + 3.5% = 13%


9.5%: Bank’s AMD Base Rate

3.5%: Fixed interest rate margin (applied instead of 4.5% standard rate)

Annual Percentage Rate - starting from 14,13%.

Property secured personal loan

No loan arrangement fee

No loan arrangement fee (AMD 50,000 – AMD 100,000 depending on loan amount) is applicable for property secured personal assistance loan.

Personal Assistance Loan


Loan is provided at 15% annual nominal fixed interest rate instead of 16% standard rate*

Annual Percentage Rate - starting from 16,08%.

No loan provision fee

Loan provision fee of AMD 20,000 is not applicable for loan amount above AMD 2,000,000.

Higher loan amount

Higher than standard maximum loan amount: AMD 3,000,000 instead of standard AMD 2,000,000.

*Not applicable to the loans provided in scope of the Special offer for Personal assistance loans.

Property Insurance

0.16% of the property value or loan outstanding amount

Preferential rate is applied only if property is purchased with loans provided by HSBC Bank Armenia.

Insurance can be done either by full market value of the property or by loan amount upon borrower's discretion. If the property is insured for part of its value insurance compensation will be paid in the same proportion ratio of the sum insured and the property's full market value.

Important note: Loan interest amount is being calculated based on the annual nominal interest rate, whereas the annual percentage rate or APR indicates how much would loan cost to borrower in case of repayment of interest amount and other payments under the defined timeline and terms. 


Joining STATUS is free of charge, if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • The average aggregate credit balance of your accounts at HSBC Bank Armenia for the last three months is not less than AMD 20 million
  • You are HSBC Group Premier Customer
  • You are HSBC Group Private Banking Customer
  • You are a STATUS customer immediate family member (husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter)1

In the future, if you do not meet the above set criteria you may still temporarily benefit from STATUS for a charge of AMD 20,000 per month2 on Bank's discretion.

1Family members can become STATUS if the average credit balance of STATUS customer accounts at the Bank for the last six months was not less than AMD 20 million.

2No charge will be applied during the first 6 months after becoming STATUS customer.

Apply by phone

Call us on +374 (60) 655 151

or fill in a callback request form below.

Apply in branch

Find your nearest branch to apply in person.

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