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Mortgage loan offers for Hambardzumyan residential complex

Take advantage of our competitive mortgage loan rates to purchase an attractive newly constructed apartment in Yerevan

Are you considering buying a new apartment or investing in your family's future?

HSBC Bank Armenia is currently offering competitive lending terms on an attractive new-build residential complex located at 113 Hambardzumyan St, Arabkir district (close to Rio Mall).

Get acquainted with our exceptional terms of lending

Loan currency Loan terms1 Annual nominal interest rate (floating)
Annual percentage rate
Loan amount2 Prepayment
In AMD 2 - 20 years 11% 11.85 - 14.04%
AMD 5 - 200 million
Starting from 10%3
In USD4 2 - 20 years
8% 8.59 - 10.70%
USD 10 - 400 thousand 
Starting from 30%5

Get acquainted with our exceptional terms of lending

Loan currency In AMD
Loan terms1 2 - 20 years
Annual nominal interest rate (floating)
Annual percentage rate
11.85 - 14.04%
Loan amount2 AMD 5 - 200 million
Prepayment Starting from 10%3
Loan currency In USD4
Loan terms1 2 - 20 years
Annual nominal interest rate (floating)
Annual percentage rate
8.59 - 10.70%
Loan amount2 USD 10 - 400 thousand 
Prepayment Starting from 30%5

Other details

Loans are provided:

  • In AMD and USD
  • Without early repayment penalty
  • Without monthly or annual service fees
  • There is a one-off service fee for the loan – equal to 0.5% of the total loan amount, up to a maximum of AMD 200.000
  • We offer flexible loan repayment options: equal monthly instalments of the principal amount (reducing) or equal total monthly repayment amount (annuity)

To find more information on crediting details, click the button below:

Or call our 24/7 Contact Centre on +374 60 655 000.

To discuss this offer with a member of our team, you can request a callback by clicking on the button below:

Details on Hambardzumyan Residential Complex

  • 72 apartments with 58-156 sq. m area
  • Underground parking
  • Passenger and freight elevators
  • Accessible entrance with wheelchair ramps
  • Built-in pumping station and other facilities

Find out more about the features and advantages of Hambardzumyan complex by visiting or call +37410 229 298, +37491 610 601.

1 Customer's minimum age must be 18. Customer's age plus the loan term should not exceed 65 years.

2 Loan amount up to 90% of the purchased property evaluated market value.

3 Debt to income ratio for AMD loans is 60-70% depending on income.

4 Loans in USD can be provided only in case the customer meets all applicable requirements against lending in foreign currency. Explore details.

5 Debt to income ratio for USD loans is 60%.

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