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Customer written complaint handling procedure in "HSBC Bank Armenia" CJSC


The scope of the subject procedure is the establishment of general rules and procedures for the handling of customer written complaints directed to ‘‘HSBC Bank Armenia’’ CJSC (hereinafter the Bank).

Complaint /claim – a complaint filed in writing against the Bank by the customer, related to the breach of obligations arising from the services, provided by the company and contains claim of ownership. Moreover, the complaint /claim shall contain at least the name and the surname of the customer, the contact details (place of residence and telephone number), signature, as well as the description of the complaint/claim.

Written complaint/claim can be presented to the Bank via the following channels:

  •  handed by the customer in any branch of the Bank
  •  "Direct link to CEO" box
  •  mail
  • e-mail address
  •  "Secure messaging" of Internet banking service.


If customer wishes to present written complaint, the Bank’s respective employee should:

  • inform customer in verbal that the complaint / claim considers to be presented to the Bank in written in case it is presented via any of the above mentioned channels
  • provide subject document – Customer written complaint handling procedure in the Bank
  • provide “What to do if you have a complaint” form (Appendix 1)
  • provide Complaint Presentment form (Appendix 2)


In cases when the complaint is received via the e-mail address mentioned above or via Internet banking service, the Bank shall immediately, but not later than the next business day send an acknowledgment (receipt) to the customer's e-mail address from which the complaint has been received or via Internet banking service by mentioning complaint receipt date, the complaint identification number, subject document as well as “What to do if you have a complaint” form.


In cases when the complaint is handed by the customer in any branch of the Bank, the Bank employee should fill in and provide to the customer the receipt available in the bottom of the Complaint Presentment form, which should include the complaint identification number, the name and the contacts of the Bank employee with who the customer can liaise regarding any enquiries about the complaint, the Bank’s employee signature who has received the complaint and/or Bank’s seal.


In cases when the telephone conversation with the customer regarding the complaint is recorded, the customer should be notified about that fact in advance.


The Bank must present written response to customer’s written complaint/claim within 10 business days from the date of the receipt. If the complaint is not resolved within 10 business days, an extension mail should be sent to the customer, which should include the reasons for the delay and the date of the final response.


While receiving or processing the complaint the Bank cannot request from the customer any document that:

  • is not required for the justification of the complaint or any underlying circumstances or for the identification of the customer, or
  • is available to the Bank as a result of providing services to the customer and the information stipulated there has not been changed as per customer's written request.


The response to the customer should be sent to the address or via telecommunication mean mentioned by the customer. The response should be presented in Armenian, except for cases when another language has been agreed between the Bank and the customer.


The final response sent to the customer by the Bank should at least include the following information:

  • the Bank's explicit position to satisfy, partially satisfy or decline the complaint/claim
  • the reasoning/ground for the appropriate decision
  • the name and contact information (e-mail, telephone number, etc.) of the employee/department responsible for the handling of the complaint
  • information, that in case of any questions regarding the outcome of the complaint, the customer can contact the responsible employee/department
  • information, that if not satisfied by the written response, in order to protect his/her rights, the customer can apply to the court or to the Financial System Mediator (certain restrictions apply), to the Central Bank of Armenia or to the Court of Arbitration if appropriate arbitration agreement is available
  • information on the deadlines for applying to the Financial System Mediator, if the customer is not satisfied by the written response.


In case if the complaint/claim is rejected or is partially satisfied, “What to do if you have a complaint” form should be provided to the customer along with the written response.

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