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New and innovative Mastercard© Contactless

Usual shopping experience at unusual speed

You are spending around 5 minutes every day to do your payments. This is more than 30 hours in a year. Save your time and do your daily shopping with the help of our new Contactless cards.

To make a purchase, simply tap your HSBC Mastercard© Contactless at the POS terminal. In Armenia the
spending limit without PIN verification is AMD20,0001 per transaction whereas, when abroad, the country or region's maximum limit for contactless transactions without PIN verification will apply.

However, you can still pay contactless for higher value transactions by entering your PIN.

It's Easy,Fast and Secure

Moreover, pay with HSBC Mastercard© Contactless and get discounts in Armenia and worldwide. For more details please visit website.


Credit Card Support Hotline

For local calls:                              +374 60 655 505

For International calls:                 +1 636 722 71 11

ArCa Processing Centre:             +374 10 592 222

Fraud Hotline:                              +374 60 655 100
                                                        (weekdays 9.00-18.00)

Three easy steps

Check your purchase amount
on the terminal screen.

Slightly touch your Contactless
Mastercard© against the space
with the contactless icon.

There will be an audio signal and
light indicators will turn on. Your
payment is approved.

1From time to time, you will be asked to enter your PIN for transactions below the mentioned threshold to verify you are the genuine card holder.”

Last updated on: 02.05.22, 06:47

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