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New service for HSBC cards – PIN (personal identification number) change via HSBC ATMs

Dear Customer,

This is to inform you that starting from 02/03/2016 you can change your HSBC Bank Armenia csjc (hereafter the Bank) credit/payment card (MasterCard and ArCa) PIN via Bank's ATMs.

To change your PIN, follow the simple steps below:

  1.  Insert your card into any of the Bank's ATMs. Enter your card existing PIN. After successful entry you will be re-directed to the Main menu screen.
  2.  From the Main menu screen choose "Change PIN". Enter new PIN and press Enter.
  3.  On the next screen you will be prompted to re-key the new PIN, after which the system will verify both entries to ensure they match. If successful, you will be re-directed to the final screen where you will be prompted to enter your card existing PIN, after which the PIN change process is complete.

Important information

  • Your credit/payment card PIN should contain 4 digits.
  • For security considerations and fraud protection we highly recommend that you do not use repetitive digits (like 2222, 1111, etc.), consecutive digits (like 1234, 6543) or easy to guess personal data (for example birthday, phone number).

We hope that this new service will make your everyday banking more convenient.

If you have any questions or need assistance changing your card PIN please visit any of our branches or contact our Call Center at +374 60 655 000.

Last updated on: 05.04.19, 06:25