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Unallocated Gold Account

Unallocated gold metal account is a standard bank account with unallocated gold as its currency. Starting from the 4th of May of 2015 unallocated gold metal account opening is demised.*

Tariffs and terms

Unallocated Gold Account monthly service fee - AMD 3,000 irrespective account balance.

The monthly maintenance fee will be applied irrespective of the fact whether the customer uses the account or not.

All types of charges are debited / paid in AMD. As a rule, all charges will be debited / paid from the metal account. The bank reserves the right to conduct an unallocated gold exchange transaction for the amount to be charged in AMD. Unallocated gold exchange transaction will be conducted at the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) gold accounting rate, unless it is specified otherwise in this Tariff of Charges.

Unallocated Gold Accounts are not guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. 

Other things you need to know

Minimum required threshold for deposit or transaction with the metal account - 1 troy ounce

  • 1 troy ounce equals to 31.10348 grams

Transfers from unallocated gold account are available for HSBC Bank Armenia account holders only. Transfer fee comprises 0.1%1 of the transferred amount.

Transfers between accounts held at HSBC Bank Armenia – Free

Important note. Unallocated gold metal account is a foreign currency account, which means that fluctuation in XAU exchange rates may have both positive and negative effect on the value of your Unallocated gold metal account in AMD equivalent.

Effective 04 May, 2015 unallocated gold metal account opening is terminated

1 Exchange transactions will be conducted at the Bank's unallocated gold buy exchange rate.

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