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Special offer for personal instalment loans

Turn your plans into actions

Whether it's making an important purchase, taking a holiday, renovating your home or realizing your long-planned goals, a personal instalment loan can help you turn your plans into a reality.

Our latest special offer provides a range of benefits to make getting a loan easier and more affordable. Apply now and receive:

  • Reduced annual nominal interest rate of just 14%

  • Reduced annual percentage rate of 14.94-19.5%

  • Opportunity to defer principal payment for up to 6 months

  • Loan provision fee non applicable when you apply online

 (Form in Armenian)

This special offer is valid until 1 August 2021.

Get acquainted with our exceptional terms of lending

Loan currency and amount Loan term1 Annual nominal interest rate Annual percentage rate
AMD 150.000 - 10 million 1 - 5 years 14% 14.94 - 19.5%

Get acquainted with our exceptional terms of lending

Loan currency and amount AMD 150.000 - 10 million
Loan term1 1 - 5 years
Annual nominal interest rate 14%
Annual percentage rate 14.94 - 19.5%

Additional benefits

Loan is provided:

  • without pledge and guarantor requirement
  • no monthly or annual service fees
  • no loan provision fee when applying online. In case of applying in the Bank there is a one-off loan provision fee equal to 2% of the loan amount (1% for HSBC Plus and Status customers), up to a maximum of AMD 20.000
  • opportunity to choose payment date and repayment options

Please take a moment to review our crediting details before you apply for a Personal Instalment Loan

You can also discuss our loan terms in more detail by calling our 24/7 Contact Centre on +374 60 655 000.

You can apply online at any time without the need to visit one of our branches. Simply fill in our online application form to get started.  

(Form in Armenian)

1Customer's minimum age must be 18. Customer's age plus the loan term should not exceed 65 years.

Last updated on: 25.05.21, 09:18