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Property Insurance

Protect your home and everything in it

Cover for your home and your belongings

When it comes to the things that make your house a home, you can have peace of mind that they're protected with our insurance. We offer cover for your home and the things you keep in it.

What's covered

  • Fire, lightning and gas explosion
  • Water damage
  • Theft and robbery
  • Illegal actions by third parties

Policy details

This policy will not cover you for:

  • flood, gale, storm, hurricane or hail 
  • landslide or landfall of mountainous or rocky landmasses

The following deductibles will apply:

  • 1% of the total sum insured, with a minimum amount of AMD 100,000

Please read the policy document before buying cover.

Things you should know

  • The annual insurance rate for property purchased with a loan provided by HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC is 0.18% of the sum insured during the term of the loan agreement.
  • You must insure property purchased with a loan provided by HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC for the full amount of the property market value or any portion of it. Please note that the sum insured must be at least equal to the loan amount.
  • If the property is insured for part of its value, insurance compensation will be paid in the same proportion of sum insured and the property's full market value.
  • You don’t have to be the property owner to arrange insurance.
  • The mentioned tariffs are applicable to insurance policies arranged through HSBC Bank Armenia, which acts as an agent of the INGO Armenia Insurance company. Please note that arranging property insurance via HSBC is optional, and you can arrange an insurance policy with any company approved by HSBC.

Documents you'll need to provide

The following documents are required for the purchase of property insurance:

  • a copy of the insured person's passport 
  • a copy of the property owner's passport (if different from the insured) 
  • a copy of the property ownership certificate 
  • a copy of the property valuation act if available, otherwise the insurance premium will be calculated based on the property's market value

How to apply

In branch

Come and talk to us about insuring your home.

By phone

Call our Contact Centre at:

+374 60 655 000

Important note

HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC acts as an agent of INGO ARMENIA ICJSC and provides the insurance product on behalf and terms of INGO ARMENIA ICJSC. Insurance claims have to be submitted to INGO ARMENIA ICJSC. HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC does not bear any responsibility with respect to payment of insurance compensation.
For additional information about insurance services terms and conditions, please visit

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Last updated on: 01.06.22, 09:07
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