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Services provided by the bank as cumulative pension account operator

Central Depository of Armenia provides services to the cumulative pension system participants through pension account operators that intermediate services provided to participants by the registrar of the participants.

As "HSBC Bank Armenia" CJSC has a status of cumulative pension account operator, cumulative pension scheme all participants are welcome to present the following applications in any of our branches:

1.      Account maintenance

  • Change of personal information
  • Selection of pension fund and fund manager
  • Exchange of pension fund units


2.      Account reports

  • Application for receiving pension account statement
  • Application for receiving pension account balance report
  • Application for receiving pension account balance for choosing pension program
  • Application for receiving information on pension account (annual report for previous year)


3.      Receiving of funded pension

  • A lump sum transfer of funded pension to the funded pension account opened in a foreign country or region
  • Inheritance of pension fund units
  • Receiving of funded pension as a lump sum payment before pension age
  • Choosing of pension program
  • Rejection/Acceptance of pension fund units ownership

Last updated on: 02.05.22, 04:33

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