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Customer Rights


Dear Customer,

We would like to inform that you are welcome to receive the following information about “HSBC Bank Armenia” CJSC:

  1. Information and copies of documents stipulated in the subsection 3 of article 20 and subsection 2 of article 43 of Republic of Armenia Law on Banks and Banking Activity, particularly:
    1. Last annual and quarterly financial statements, as well as the copy of the independent audit report,
    2. Statement about annual general meeting of the Bank,
    3. Copies of resolutions on payment of dividends by the Bank and the copy of Dividend policy,
    4. Information on persons having significant participation in the Bank,
    5. Information on Board members and members of executive body of the Bank,
    6. Copies of the registration certificate and the Charter of the Bank.
  2. Information and copies of documents stipulated in the articles 65 of Republic of Armenia Law on Security Market.

Please address your requests to Customer Service Department.

The requested information and copies of documents will be provided within three business days. A charge of AMD 50 per page shall be applied for providing the copies of documents.

Pension system participants can receive information about their funded pensions via account operators, according to the subsection 1 of article 17 of the Republic of Armenia Law on Funded Pensions.

Last updated on: 28.06.21, 10:26