We are delighted to inform you that HSBC Armenia is the first bank in Armenia to issue Mastercard© with innovative Contactless technology allowing you to pay for low value items with a simple tap.

There is no need to enter your PIN or sign for everyday purchases under AMD 12,100. Simply touch the reader with your contactless card to pay in seconds.

You can do the payments yourself without handing the card to the salesperson. Moreover, pay with HSBC Mastercard© Contactless and get discounts in Armenia and worldwide.

Contactless payments are safe and secure. You are 100% protected against fraud, just like you are with Chip & PIN payments. For extra security you may occasionally be asked to enter your PIN.

Step 1
Check your purchase amount on the terminal screen.

Step 2
Slightly touch your Contactless Mastercard© against the space with the icon .

Step 3
There will be an audio signal and light indicators will turn on. Your payment is approved.

1. About contactless technology

What is contactless technology?
Contactless technology is a fast and easy way to pay for goods and services under AMD 12,100 without entering a PIN (when abroad, the country's maximum limit for contactless transactions without PIN verification will apply). Contactless cards have an embedded chip and antenna which enable our customers to tap their card at the POS terminal and pay for goods or services easily and fast. When paying for items with higher value than AMD 12,100, you'll need to enter your PIN.

How does contactless technology benefit me?

  • It's faster and easier than other types of payment.
  • You don't always have to carry cash or worry about looking for exact change.
  • You don't have to enter your PIN for payments under AMD 12,100. From time to time, you may be asked to enter your PIN for transactions below the mentioned threshold to verify you are the genuine card holder.
  • There's no need to queue for so long; as contactless speeds up the time it takes to make a payment.
  • You are in control because your card never has to leave your hand when making a payment at the reader.

How do I get my HSBC Mastercard© contactless?
HSBC Armenia automatically issues a contactless card when you apply for a Mastercard© or your existing card expires. So all new and renewed HSBC Mastercards© are issued with contactless technology.

How do I know if my HSBC Mastercard© is contactless?
If you see this symbol on your card it means it is with contactless technology.

Can I use contactless to get cash out at an ATM?
Yes, if the ATM supports contactless technology. Anyway, you can always get cash out of an ATM with standard CHIP & PIN technology.

Do I have to pay for using contactless?
No, there are no additional fees for this service.

2. Making contactless payments

How do I use my HSBC Mastercard© contactless?
a) Look for the contactless symbol at a shop, restaurant or other retail point.
b) Inform the retailer that you want to pay contactless. The card will remain with you during the whole transaction period (you don't need to hand it to the salesperson).
c) Tap your HSBC Mastercard© contactless against the symbol. When paying for items with higher value than AMD12,100, you'll need to enter your PIN.
d) A beep indicates that your card is successfully read by the terminal.

Couldn't I accidentally use my HSBC contactless card by walking past a terminal?
No. The contactless chip needs to be very close to the terminal and generally a tap of the card above the terminal is required to make the payment.

Can I make contactless payments abroad?
Yes, you can use your HSBC Mastercard© contactless worldwide wherever you see the contactless symbol . When abroad, the country's maximum limit for contactless transactions will apply for transactions without PIN verification.

How do I know if a retailer/shop accepts contactless payments?
Any retailor who displays this symbol can accept contactless payments.

If I have more than one contactless card in my wallet, which one will be used if I tap my wallet to the POS terminal?
We recommend always to take your contactless card out of your wallet to tap the POS terminal. This will make sure the right contactless card is used and debited. If more than one card is placed on the POS terminal “present one card only” message appears on the terminal.

3. Security of contactless payments

How secure are the transactions processed via HSBC Mastercard© contactless?
The information used from your Mastercard© contactless during contactless transactions is protected with the same secure Chip and PIN technology as for other Mastercards©. Also you can be sure that your HSBC contactless card won’t be accidentally used by walking past a terminal as to make the payment, it should be very close to the terminal and generally a tap of the card above the terminal is required.

How can I be sure that I don’t get billed twice?
The terminals are designed to turn off as soon as the payment is made. Therefore even if you do not take your card away from the terminal, it cannot be charged again.

What if I don’t want to use contactless transactions?
If you have a HSBC Mastercard© Contactless but don’t want to pay contactless you can still use your card with standard CHIP & PIN technology.

What should I do if a contactless transaction ends unsuccessfully?
If this happens you can try the standard CHIP & PIN transaction.

What if my HSBC Mastercard© contactless is lost or stolen?
In such cases you should immediately report the occurrence to the Bank or ArCa Processing Centre. Loss may be reported by any means. Please note that late reporting could cause losses as transactions up to AMD12,100 are validated without PIN.

Credit Card Support Hotline:
For local calls: +374 60 655 505
For International calls: +1 636 722 71 11
ArCa Processing Centre: +374 10 592 222
Fraud Hotline: +374 60 655 100
(weekdays 9.00-18.00)

Last updated on: 06/04/2018 15:00