Check your eligibility criteria

Check your eligibility criteria

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What are the packages of insured risks?

Motor insurance package has two sections - Section I and Section II.
Section II can be purchased only if Section I is purchased. Section II is optional.

1. Section I includes:
Physical damage caused to the car including damage caused as a result of car accident or other external impact, fire, illegal actions of third parties including theft, robbery

2. Section II includes:
Damage caused to the life and health of driver and passengers as a result of motor usage.


How much does Motor Insurance cost?

Annual insurance rate for the coverage included in Section I is 2.5% of the sum insured.

Annual insurance rate for the coverage included in Section II is 0.1% of the insured amount.


Can I arrange partial Motor insurance?

You can insure your car for the full amount of the car's market value or any portion of it (with the exception of insurance of cars purchased with a loan provided by HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc whereby insurance for the full amount of the car market value must be purchased).


What are the deductible amounts for Motor Insurance?

  1. 1% of sum insured, minimum AMD 50,000
  2. For drivers with less than two years of driving experience the deductible is doubled
  3. Insurance is not provided to drivers with less than six months driving experience
  4. Deductible in case of theft comprises 5% of the sum insured in case an anti-robbery system is available on the car, and 10% if no such system is available.

Is examination of the car required for Motor insurance?

Yes, car examination is required for purchasing Motor insurance.INGO ARMENIA icjsc representatives will contact you within 2 working days after signing of the insurance policy to arrange the examination of your car. The insurance policy will enter into force only after the examination is conducted.