Residential Property Insurance


Residential Property Insurance

Enjoy the confidence of being safe when your home is insured

  • Coverage from a wide range of risks
    Residential property insurance will cover your property from damage caused by fire, lightning, gas explosion, water, earthquake, theft and robbery, illegal actions by third parties.
  • Flexibility in choosing the sum insured amount
    You can insure your property for the full market value or any portion of it at your convenience.

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What risks are covered by Property Insurance, and what risks are not covered?

Risks that are covered:

  1. Fire, lightning, gas explosion
  2. Water damage
  3. Earthquake
  4. Theft and robbery
  5. Illegal actions by third parties

Risks that are not covered:

  1. Flood, gale, storm, hurricane, hail
  2. Landslide, landfall of mountainous/rocky landmasses

How much does Property insurance cost?

The annual insurance rate for property purchased with loans provided by HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc is 0.18% of the sum insured during the term of the loan agreement.


Can I arrange partial Property insurance? How the insurance compensation is calculated?

Yes, you can arrange partial insurance. If the property is insured for part of its value insurance compensation will be paid in the same proportion of the sum insured and the property's full market value.


What are the deductible amounts for Property Insurance?

  • 1% of the sum insured, minimum AMD 100,000
  • In case of earthquake, 2% of the sum insured

Can I arrange Property insurance, if I am not the owner of the property?

Yes, you can arrange Property insurance, if you are not the owner of the property.


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