Collateral for sale

Collateral for sale (Residential and Commercial)

In this section you can find list of the pledged properties for sale available at HSBC Bank Armenia.

LocationDescriptionAddressSpace mxmLand mxmLink to pictures
1AjapnyakLand, for residential construction23/1 Shinararner street 784,55
2AjapnyakPrivate house13/3 Arpa Str., Vahagni community3771166
3AjapnyakLand, for residential construction8/1 Arzumanyan 895,91
4ArabkirUnfinished apartment 43 Arabkir street, 42/2 building, 75 apartment138,1 
5ArabkirPrivate house 53 Yerznkyan street13521520
6ArabkirPrivate house57/1 Qeru street794779
7AvanUnfinished private house 111 Tsarav Aghbyuri street14611392
8AvanPrivate house 7th street, 2nd lane, № 38/194,6141,69
9CenterApartmentApt. 30 at 73 Nar-Dos street53,4 
10CenterApartmentApt. 43 at 4 Nar-Dos street73,45 
11CenterApartmentApt. 59 at 4 Nar-Dos street30,6 
12CenterApartmentApt. 60 at 4 Nar-Dos street75,6 
13CenterApartmentApt. 6 at 106 Nalbandyan street85,1 
14DavtashenSlanted land, for residential construction41 Davtashen community  780
15ErebuniApartment1 Artsakh street, apartment 17a64,5 
16ErebuniLand, for residential construction14 Erebuni street  731,3
17Kanaker-ZeitunSlanted land, for residential construction2a Melikyan street 9471
18Malatia-SebastiaPrivate house138 Noy district449777,7
19Malatia-SebastiaUnfinished private house140 Noy district 578800
20Malatia-SebastiaPrivate house205/5 Tichina street322,21159,62
21Malatia-SebastiaApartment32, 2/3 R. Melikyan street66,7 
22Nor NorkSlanted land25/5 Lvovyan street 1706,56
Cap producing machine (including cap compression molding machine, color automatic pad printer, etc)
Pet Line (complete bottling line for pet bottles)
Tomato Paste Production Line (including aseptic filling machine)
Heidelberg printing machine
Flexo printing machine MPSEC 4700
Paper box producing line

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  • Properties mentioned in the list can be purchased via Term Loan as well.In case of loan, preferential terms may be discussed.

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