Equipment finance

Interest rate starting from 4% per annum for equipment import financing

Առևտրի ֆինանասավորմում

HSBC offers Armenian businesses to import equipment via modern trade finance solutions with annual interest rate starting from 4% and deferred payment possibility of up to 5 years, securing lower financing costs and better protection against risks.

Privileges that never recur…

Lower financing costs

Annual interest rate starting from 4%

Effective financing terms

Deferred payment possibility of up to 5 years.

Control over delivery periods

By setting clear deadlines for the equipment delivery you will define the possibilities of their further exploitation thus ensuring the continuity of your business.

Assistance in negotiations and utilisation of HSBC Group advantages

The professional trade financing experts of the HSBC Group in over 60 countries worldwide are ready to support you for your import transactioncompletion , starting from contract signing up to delivery of the equipment/fixed assets, adjusting the documentary credit (DC) terms to your business requirements. Using HSBC network which covers 90% of the global trade flows, our over 6,000 professionals will support you to arrange and implement your trade transactions worldwide, offering modern and comprehensive solutions for the import/export of goods and services.

Mitigation of legal risks associated with international legislation

The Documentary Credit is issued and regulated in accordance with the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP600) published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), which makes the import process secure, smooth and more predictable.

High speed of import transactions’ accomplishment with more beneficial terms

Every minute HSBC Group processes over USD 1 million trade transactions. Negotiations and document circulation will be conducted more effectively and in a shorter time-frame, when HSBC Group member bank is acting as an intermediary in import transactions.

Types of equipment include:
  • Machinery and equipment for various purposes (construction, mining industry, road construction, agriculture, etc.),
  • Greenhouses,
  • Production lines (preserved food, beverages, sewing departments, etc.),
  • Medical and laboratory equipment,
  • Renewable energy equipment.

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