Other Services

Other Services

STATUS services

Preferential treatment and designated service area

You can enjoy STATUS services free of charge if your company meets any of the following criteria:

  • The company's deposits with the Bank are not less than AMD 100 million on average quarterly basis
  • The company's overall value of the credit facilities with the Bank is not less than AMD 400 million


Issuing chequebook Free
Placement of "Stop Payment" instruction AMD 3,000
Removal of "Stop Payment" instruction Free
Return of cheque due to insufficient funds AMD 5,000

1 Chequebooks are provided only if AMD or USD current account already exist.

Safe Deposit Lockers

Safe Deposit Boxes are available for rental on either a monthly or an annual basis.

Fee (available for term of up to one year)

Large AMD 120,000*
Medium AMD 90,000*
Small AMD 36,000*

Fee (available for term of up to one month)

Large, Medium AMD 30,000*
Small AMD 15,000*

Note: Safe Deposit Lockers are available for only those legal entities that have signed Safe Deposit Locker’s agreements before 02 November 2015.

* Inclusive of VAT.

Bank Account Statements / Other Documentation Delivery

By courier within Armenia

Monthly Free

By courier outside Armenia (delivery via standard mail only)

Monthly (charged monthly) AMD 25,0001*

By e-mail

Monthly, weekly, daily Free


Monthly, weekly, daily Free

Collection from branches

Monthly, weekly, daily Free

1 If the charge is being deducted from the foreign currency account, the transaction will be conducted at the average/mean foreign currency rate published by the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) as of the previous/ current day of transaction (depending on the time of the transaction), unless it is specified otherwise between the Bank and the Client for the respective currency.
* Inclusive of VAT.

Bank account advices/statements provision and power of attorney issuance

Power of attorney issuance and appropriate update of account information AMD 5,000
Bank confirmation of information for audit purposes AMD 10,000*
Advices confirming bank account / loan information / balance1 AMD 5,000 *
For each copy of bank account statement / transaction advice (if earlier than 6 months) AMD 3,000 *
For transaction history advice of each month (if earlier than 6 months) AMD 3,000 *

1Balance confirmations will be presented as of the date and time of confirmation request.
* Inclusive of VAT.

POS Terminals

We provide card acquiring services to our commercial customers by installing devices for electronic authorization of the transactions at the points of sale, which allow the merchant to offer non-cash payment options to its consumers. Point of sale systems are widely used in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, various trading outlets, boutiques, entertainment complexes, clubs, casinos, as well as almost any type of retail establishment. The installation procedure for HSBC account-holders is quick and straightforward.

Our POS Terminals serve plastic cards which belong to the local ArCA payment system (ArCa Cards), as well major international payment systems (MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, Visa Electron).

Installation of equipment AMD 5,000 *
Low turnover penalty1 AMD 5,000 *
Commission fee from transaction On contractual basis
GPRS installation fee Free
GPRS monthly fee Free

1 The charge is debited to customer account during the month following each quarter, as monthly penalty, if the average monthly turnover for previous quarter is below AMD 300,000.
* Inclusive of VAT.

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