HSBCnet / benefit | HSBC Armenia

Round the clock access to your business accounts

  • Instant information for informed decisions
    • Real–time reporting of balances and transactions of accounts held by HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc
    • Balances and transactions reporting of accounts held by HSBC Group and third-party bank *
    • Historical balances and transactions information up to 180 days on accounts held by HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc
    • Comprehensive reporting: on-line via reports and files download
    • Daily statement download
    • E-mail advice
  • Online control of your finances
    • International and Local Payments via manual input and/or File Upload
    • Transfers between accounts held at the Bank
    • Payment Instruction Amendment
    • Payment Instruction Cancellation
    • Payment Instruction Investigation
  • Administration and customer support
    • Ongoing customer support and technical guidance
    • Initial on-site training
    • Free support via telephone
    • 5 security devices
    • System administration tools
    • Activity log

* The balances and transactions of accounts held by a third party bank may be viewed by the customer, if there is an agreement between HSBC bank and the third party bank.

Note: In case of discrepancies between the Armenian and English versions of this page, the Armenian version shall prevail.

Last updated on: 16/01/2018 15:00