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Foreign exchange

HSBC is one of the leading market makers globally, quoting competitive pricing in all currencies, 24-hours a day and providing customers with all benefits of direct access to the international financial markets.

HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC has the profound expertise and resources to help all our customers to meet their business needs related to the foreign exchange market, possible mitigation and managing the risks arising from the foreign exchange rate fluctuations that can adversely impact the standing of their business. We provide spot and forward foreign exchange services to our customers in major foreign and certain emerging markets currencies.

Spot deal is a contract with binding obligation to buy or sell a certain amount of foreign currency at the current market rate for the settlement in up to two days.

Key features and benefits:

  • No minimum deal size
  • Wide range of currencies
  • No commission for conversion of currencies
  • Transparent and highly competitive pricing

Simplest method of covering exchange risk is to enter into forward contract. Forward contract is a binding obligation between the Bank and the customer to buy or sell a certain amount of foreign currency at a pre-agreed rate of exchange, on a certain future date.

Key features and benefits:

  • Protection against adverse movements in exchange rates
  • Binding obligation to deal at a specific rate and future date
  • Ensuring certainty of cash flows and protection of profits
  • No upfront costs involved

We provide Forward foreign exchange contracts with any combination of all major and certain emerging market currencies, including: USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CHF, CAD, AUD, AED, CNY and JPY.

Foreign Exchange (FX) Options for legal entities

Businesses that trade internationally or have operations overseas are likely to be exposed to foreign exchange risk arising from volatility in the currency markets. The most common cause of foreign exchange exposure arises from having to make overseas payments for your imports priced in a foreign currency or receiving foreign currency receipts for your exports. However, exposure can also arise from:

  • Foreign currency borrowing/deposits
  • Overseas subsidiaries
  • Assets located overseas

The impact that exchange rate fluctuations have on profitability will vary, but in many cases it can be significant.

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