Correspondent Accounts

Correspondent accounts

General provisions

Armenian and overseas banks correspondent accounts

Correspondent Accounts

The following tariffs of charges are defined for HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc all account related products and services for Armenian and overseas banks correspondent accounts.

The general terms and tariff of charges related to products and services offered by the Bank are subject to amendments and modifications.

For tariff of charges not presented in this page, please refer to Tariff of Charges for Sole Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities.

All types of charges are debited/paid in AMD.

As a rule, all charges will be debited/paid from the account to which the banking transaction has been effected. If the subject account is in foreign currency, the bank reserved the right to conduct a foreign exchange transaction for the amount to be charged in AMD. The foreign exchange transaction will be conducted at the average/mean foreign currency rate published by the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) as of the previous/current day of transaction (depending on the time of the transaction), unless it is specified otherwise in this Tariff of Charges.

The General Terms and Conditions for the Operation of Customer Bank Accounts, Bank Deposits, Electronic Banking and Other Banking services (General Terms and Conditions) and The General Terms and Conditions for the Opening and Operation of Customer Metal Accounts (General Terms and Conditions) govern banking transactions between HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc (the Bank, including its successors and assigns) and other banks.

Note: In case of discrepancies between the Armenian and English versions of this page, the Armenian version shall prevail.

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