Current Accounts

HSBC current account is a gateway to our entire network of international connections and capabilities.

The Corporate account1 opening procedure is based on the information and documentation received from the legal entity. The corporate account will be activated shortly after all the necessary documentation has been presented and accepted by the Bank.

Bank may request required information/documentation for account opening to be presented either in hard copies and/or electronically through  Bank's "Corporate Account Opening Portal".

The statistics of the corporate account turnover and average balance is an important factor for building a future commercial banking relationship and receiving various products and services offered by our bank.

HSBC Bank Armenia applies individual approach to the account holders and may provide individual preferential tariffs in view of developing further relationship with the customers. The preferential tariffs provided to the account holders may also cover outward and inward remittances, cash withdrawals charges, foreign currency exchange transactions.

We also provide a comprehensive range of services to the employees of our commercial banking customers. By opening payroll accounts with HSBC Bank Armenia the company can provide a wide range of benefits for its employees (credit cards, consumer finance, and other services). For more details please visit retail banking and wealth management products and services section.

Corporate ATM cards

Corporate ATM cards

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1 Current accounts can be opened in the following currencies: AMD, USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, JPY, CNY, CAD, HKD, AUD, CHF, AED.

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