Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (CMTPL)


Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (CMTPL)

Make sure you get reimbursed in case of an accident

  • Coverage for damage caused to third parties' property
    CMTPL insurance offers you coverage for damage caused to third party cars, property or other belongings.
  • Coverage for physical damage caused to third parties
    Coverage for physical damage includes damage to third party health, death, loss of income.

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What damages does CMTPL Insurance include/cover?

Damage caused to property and physical damage:

1. Damage caused to property includes
- Damage, destruction or loss of the third party's vehicle
- Damage or loss of other property belonging to the third party located in the third party's vehicle or any attachments to such vehicle
- Damage or loss of other property belonging to the third party

2. Physical damage includes
- Damage caused to the health of the third party
- Loss of income
- Death of third party


What are the factors influencing on CMTPL tariff calculation?

CMTPL tariff is calculated based on the following factors:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Engine power (horsepower)
  • Purpose of Vehicle usage
  • The presence of the trailer
  • Driver's age and driving experience
  • Period of insurance
  • Driver's Bonus-Malus class

Is examination of the car required for CMTPL insurance?

No examination is not required, as the car, itself, is not insured.


What is the deductible amount for CMTPL insurance?

No deductible amount is applied in case of CMTPL insurance.


What is the difference between CMTPL and Motor Insurances?

CMTPL covers damage or loss incurred to third party as a result of motor accident including property damage and physical injury. Motor insurance (CASCO) covers physical damage caused to the insured car as a result of car accident or other external impact, fire, illegal actions of third parties including theft and robbery.


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