MasterCard Standard Card


MasterCard Standard Card

Call (060) 655 000 or

Fees and Charges

Card issuance fee Free
Card account monthly service fee AMD 1,000 monthly
Additional card issuance fee Free
Additional card monthly service fee
(charged in accordance with the primary card tariffs)
AMD 500
Annual nominal Iinterest rate1 21%
Encashment fee when using HSBC Bank Armenia ATMs and POS terminals Free
Encashment fee when using other ATMs and POS terminals within ArCa system 1.5% (minimum AMD 500)
Encashment fee when using other ATMs and POS terminals outside ArCa system 2.5% (minimum AMD 1 000 from ATMs, minimum AMD 3,000 from POS terminals)
Card to card money transfer (via ArCa website 0.5% of transfer amount
Card reissuance fee AMD 5,000
Card PIN unblock fee AMD 1,000
Charge slip retrieval AMD 8,0002
Dispute of genuine transaction AMD 15,000
Card limit permanent and temporary review AMD 3,000
SMS service Free
Monthly statement delivery (within Armenia) Free
Fee for each copy of card account statement (if earlier than 6 months) AMD 3,0002
Late payment fee 10% of overdue amount
credit overlimit fee 10% of overlimit balance

Other conditions

Maximum cash withdrawals per day AMD 400,000
Number of cash withdrawals per day Maximum 2
Maximum limit for each non-cash transaction AMD 5,000,000
Total number of transactions per day (including cash and non-cash transactions and balance enquiries) 20
Lost card liability, after the customer has informed the Bank3 Up to AMD 25,000
Minimum payment due 10% of closing debit balance
(minimum AMD 10,000)
Fee for emergency activation of credited amount on Card account AMD 5,000
Declined authorization fee (applied by MasterCard) AMD equivalent of USD 0,25 (for each case)
Credit limit and currency4 From AMD 100,000
to AMD 1,000,000
Grace (interest free) period5 Up to 45 days (15 days from the statement generation date)

Other important notes

  • No interest is calculated against the credit balance of card account
  • Cardholder's minimum age should be 18, maximum age – 65
  • MasterCard Standard cards are valid for three years period. Cards are subject to renewal upon bank's discretion
  • From time to time the Bank may review the Card nominal rates in order to reflect market trends
  • All terms and charges related to products and services offered by HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc are subject to amendments and modifications with reasonable notice
  • The decision to issue a credit card is made and the card is delivered to the address specified by the customer, during maximum 10 working days after the presentation of all necessary documents

Before signing the loan agreement, Individual bulletin to be provided as per Central Bank of Armenia Regulation "On minimum requirements, forms and terms of the communication procedure between the Bank and depositor, creditor and consumer" CBA Regulation 8/05.

Please read Card Products Terms and Conditions before applying.

1 Information regarding Annual Percentage Rate can be found here.
2 Inclusive of VAT.
3 Refer to Section 7 of Card products terms and conditions.
4 Applicable for individuals only
5 Grace period is applicable in case of non-cash transactions and if the payment of the whole statement Closing Balance is received by the bank on or before the Payment Due Date. Depending on the day of month when the transaction has been posted to card account, duration of the grace period may vary.

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1. Is there a monthly service fee?

The following monthly service fees are applied for card accounts

Visa Plus ATM card Free
ArCa Classic Card Free
MasterCard Standard Flexi Card Free of charge
MasterCard Standard Card AMD 1,000 monthly or
AMD 12,000 per annum
MasterCard Gold Card AMD 1,500 monthly or
AMD 18,000 per annum
MasterCard Platinum Card AMD 3,000 monthly or
AMD 18,000 per annum
World MasterCard Black Edition Card AMD 10,000 monthly or
AMD 120,000 per annum

The annual service fee is charged upfront in the beginning of the year.


2. Can I use my ArCa card for foreign transactions?

ArCa credit card is designed to be used to make non-cash payments and cash withdrawals in Armenia only.


3. What are the interest rates applied for the credit cards?

The following rates are applied for credit cards on yearly basis:

Visa Plus ATM card -
ArCa Classic Card 22%
MasterCard Standard Flexi Card 18%
MasterCard Standard Card 21%
MasterCard Gold Card 21%
MasterCard Platinum Card 21%
World MasterCard Black Edition Card 20%

4. What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

In the event the Card is lost, you must immediately report the occurrence to the Bank or ArCa Processing Centre. Loss may be reported by any means.

Credit Card Support Hotline:

For local calls: +374 (60) 655 505
For International calls: +1 (636) 722 71 11


5. What are the minimum and maximum credit limits applied?

The following credit limits apply:

ArCa Classic Card Minimum AMD 100,000
Maximum AMD 500,000
MasterCard Standard Flexi Card Minimum AMD 100,000
Maximum AMD 1,000,000
MasterCard Standard Card Minimum AMD 100,000
Maximum AMD 1,000,000
MasterCard Gold Card Minimum AMD 1,000,000
Maximum AMD 3,000,000
MasterCard Platinum Card Minimum AMD 1,000,000
Maximum AMD 5,000,000
World MasterCard Black Edition Card Minimum AMD 1,000,000
Maximum AMD 5,000,000

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6. How the MasterCard SecureCode works?

When making a payment with your HSBC Bank Armenia MasterCard card online, you will need to enter your card details, after which the system will redirect you to a new page where you will have your mobile number prepopulated. After confirming the Mobile number, you will receive the secure code for transaction authorization via SMS and should enter it into the required field. The transaction will be approved when you enter the valid code, otherwise it will get rejected.